White Card Course In
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At Perth Security Training Academy (PSTA), we can help you obtain a white card certificate through coaching and
exercises which can prepare you for the certification. We have a team of professional coaches that specialises in safety
and regulations which can point you in the right direction towards passing the course.

Challenge yourself, train with us!


Nationally Accredited Course

The National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work requires the following to obtain a white card:

Construction labourers


Site managers



People who access operational construction zones
unaccompanied or unsupervised
Workers who routinely enter operational construction zones


Take The Next Step In Your Career

The good news is, the white card has no expiry, but you have to refresh your knowledge if you have taken a break from the construction industry for two years. PSTA can help you refresh your learning with the help of updated legal safety requirements in health and workplace. In case you fail the course, you can still keep taking it multiple times until you pass. However, passing it during the first take is better!

We are here not only to help you pass the white card course but also make you feel safe at all times. We are always hopeful that all of the learnings that you have acquired in the academy will be useful and substantial throughout your life. For more information from the governing body about white card training click here.

We offer face-to-face training in legal requirements
for workplace health and safety on a construction
site. At PSTA, you will be taught:

• How to identify a safety hazard
• How to report a safety issue on a worksite
• What measures should be taken to reduce the risk
of accident or injury
• How to correctly respond to a workplace health and
safety incident

Our white card course involves video presentations and activities that can expose you to the nature of work and safety in the construction industry. We have also prepared exercises which can help you understand the course better. You will be assessed and tested for the white card

Get Your White Card Today

Have you got your white card yet? Did you know that the white card course can be your passport to construction employment in Australia? Getting a white card is an easy task. Let us help you!

Reach out to us for more details about the white card course that we offer in Perth. So, what is a white card course? Why do you need one?

The term “white card” is always heard if you are seeking

labourer employment in Australia. This is a mandatory requirement for construction workers in the country, which means that you are not allowed to work in the industry without passing the white card course.

Being a white card holder means that you have completed the course and bave attended the general construction induction training with a registered organisation within Australia,


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  • If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Phone

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