Requirements for Enrolling in Cert 2 in Security Operations

Do you plan to start your career in security or similar positions? Perth Security Training Academy (PSTA) CPP20218 Certificate 2 in Security Operations may be the course you need to achieve those goals!

This award-winning course is a great way to get started in the security operations world. Plus, it can help you secure a long-term future for yourself and your family.

However, as this course has been designed to help people obtain a Western Australian security licence, participants must meet some requirements.

Are you interested in this course and want to know if you meet the eligibility criteria? Here’s all the information you need!

Understanding PSTA’s Certificate II in Security Operations Training

What Is Certificate II in Security Operations?

It’s a qualification that reflects the ideal role and responsibilities of a security officer, such as patrolling to maintain security and safety, protecting and guarding properties (unarmed operations), and screening entry.

Certificate II in Security Operations may also focus on security officers’ duties when it comes to monitoring behaviour, controlling crowds, and removing people from certain premises.

In addition, this competency is the minimum requirement to obtain an entry-level licence for security procedures.

Why This Course

Enrolling in PSTA’s CPP20218 Certificate 2 in Security Operations course will allow you to open up a career path in the security industry.

After completing the training, you will be qualified to pursue a security-related job.

These are some of the potential positions that our applicants can seek:

  • Unarmed security officers

  • Monitoring officers

  • Static officers

  • Mobile Patrol officers

  • Corporate security officers

  • Shopping centre security officers

  • Unarmed guards

  • Crowd controllers

Security officers trained with this course will have sufficient knowledge to work in different settings and security risk situations, as well as in several roles, whether alone or in team environments under general supervision.

Overall, these are the tasks/industries in which our participants can gain further learning and develop their professional careers:

  • Cash-in-transit

  • Armed guarding

  • Close protection

  • Guard dog handling

  • Control room operations

PSTA’s Certificate II in Security Operations – Requirements

In order to enrol in other academies’ security-related courses and obtain a Certificate II in Security Operations, learners must meet different prerequisites. These are the most common:

  • Must live in Western Australia (must provide a residential address)

  • Must have the right to work in the country

  • Must have a USI number

  • Must meet the basic language, literacy, and numeracy requirements (In the pre-enrollment phase, an LLN assessment may be conducted if the applicant requires LLN support for this training)

  • Must meet minimum age requirements (18 years old) to complete the course

  • Must meet the “100 points of identification” requirement

Additionally, most academies offering Certificate II in Security Operations expect learners to also meet the following:

  • Have sufficient reading and writing skills in order to complete written reports and understand diagrams and workplace documents

  • Be able to undertake basic research for workplace documents on their own

  • Have effective communication skills to understand and deliver messages in formal situations and meetings

However, Perth Security Training Academy (PSTA) has not set prerequisites. Therefore, you don’t have to meet strict criteria to get started.

If you are 18 years old and have legal permission to work in Australia, you can start this training and be eligible for a Certificate II in Security Operations.

Nevertheless, potential applicants with any criminal conviction, both current or spent, should contact the Police Licensing Service at 1300 171 011. In this case, please discuss your particular situation with officers and get the advice you need to determine if you will be eligible for a security officer’s licence.

What Does PSTA’s CPP20218 Security Operations Course Cover?

As mentioned PSTA’s Certificate II in Security Operations is a comprehensive qualification for those hoping to get a basic security providers’ licence and are looking for security jobs in Western Australia.

Therefore, this course covers everything you need to apply for the licence and be able to work in different areas, such as building sites, power stations, retail loss prevention, industrial sites, event and venue (security and crowd control with first aid certification), and more.

PSTA’s Certificate II in Security Operations training includes different activities, comprehensive content on common security procedures, and practical assignments to help learners develop their knowledge and skills. The course has several core units that will allow you to get all the tools and skills you need to work in the security industry.

What You’ll Learn

The topics/units that you will be able to review and learn if you take the PSTA’s Certificate II in Security Operations course may include the following:

  • Effective communication skills to maintain or improve security

  • Risk assessment to identify hazards and respond appropriately to security risk situations

  • Legal and procedural requirements to work effectively within a security team

  • Providing quality services to various security clients

  • WHS, emergency response, and evacuation procedures to maintain security

  • Using basic defensive techniques to protect yourself and others

  • Screening people and personal effects to maintain safety

  • Monitoring and controlling access and exit of people and vehicles from premises

  • Security procedures to manage intoxicated people

  • Monitoring and controlling individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security

  • Escorting and protecting people and valuable items

  • Providing first aid

In other words, with this course, those who are interested in becoming an unarmed guard or security officer, or those pursuing another security-related job, can learn to protect persons in different environments, manage control access, monitor property, provide first aid, and more. All of these qualifications are essential for these roles and can help you build a brighter career in the industry.

Why Perth Security Training Academy (PSTA)

If you want to know the top security procedures and develop the skills you need to start your career in the security industry, the CPP20218 Certificate 2 in Security Operations training is for you. However, there’s still a question to answer: Where can you take this course?

PSTA offers an award-winning course to help you get the security-related positions you’re looking for! Whether you want to be an unarmed guard, security officer, or CCTV operator, our Certificate II in Security Operations qualification can get you closer to your goal.

As you can see, you don’t have to meet demanding and strict requirements. If you are 18 and legally permitted to work in Australia, you can start this security training! Also, while we can’t guarantee you’ll find a job, we do have some full-time positions available.

If you want to pursue a security-related career, we’ll get you qualified and put you on the right path for a stable and rewarding position.

In addition, we have a high pass rate for the independent test. About 91% of our students only need one try!

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