Crowd Control Training

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To become a Crowd Control Officer you need to complete a Certificate II in Security Operations course which includes;
Security & Crowd Control, First Aid & Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). One of the attractive things about this
course is that there are no prerequisites to get started. As long as you are of legal age and are legally permitted to work in
Australia you can begin your training.

While we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to offer you a job, we always look favourably on the students who
graduated from our academy when we have full-time positions available. This mixed with our reputation for offering
great training means your prospects of finding stable long term work is good. At Perth Security Services, we offer the
combined course for $849.00.

Crowd Control Course Perth

Perth Security Services Training Division have a dedicated team who are committed to providing the best possible training in our comfortable, refurbished premises ideally suited for adult education.

With additional staff, we are able to offer a supportive and encouraging environment to cater for individual needs, making sure no one gets left behind. If you

have you have any questions about this training course contact us today.

With our excellence and dedication in training along with our professionalism, we have earned a strong reputation within the security industry with a large number of employers recruiting directly from our graduates

Our Perth Security Training Academy has a track record that includes:

Our students pass the independent test (91% at first attempt).
If you are unable to pass the independent test, we will
provide further training at no additional cost.
Payment terms available.
The best value for money course in Perth.
License loan cost arrangement.
Reliable & most respected name in the industry!


Crowd Control Training in Perth

Our PSTA regularly runs Security Training courses in Perth. Simply click on our course links and see when the next course that you are interested in is being run. Alternatively call us to discuss your security training needs. For information about Crowd Controller training read information from the governing training body.

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Crowd Control duties

In some cases, events can have trouble makers who get wild and out of hand. If there is trouble or a likelihood of vandalism the crowd controller will need to escort the culprits out of the venue.

Fights may happen on occasion and the key is to try to prevent or stop a fight before it gets out of hand and leads to a physical assault. A part of a crowd controller’s job description is to watch the audience and do everything possible to stop a fight before it happens.

Alcohol is often consumed at these events and the crowd control staff need to check for minors drinking alcohol or for people becoming drunk and unruly.

The last major duty for the crowd control personnel is to make sure the crowd exits the venue at the end of the event with a minimum of fuss and as quickly as possible.

Statistics Popularity

When someone is planning a large-scale event they should bear in mind that they are obligated legally to ensure the
safety of visiting crowds. It is recommended that there be one crowd control officer for every 50 people at any event.
Obtaining your Crowd Controller License will open your job opportunities as it means you will be able to work static
guard work as well as crowd control shifts.


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