I just want to throw my unwanted 2 cents worth in about the security situation at the hotels in Victoria. Now the Victorian Government is going to have an inquiry to determine whose fault it was, how it happened, etc but basically you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the head contractor subcontracted it down to another company who ‘subbied’ it down to another company who possibly even ‘subbied’ it down one step further. Down to down to the level where they, the head contractor didn’t have control. The guards didn’t have training. They did their best, but they didn’t know what they were there for. Probably very likely they got paid cash and didn’t care about the job.
Now you can see on TV, the guards weren’t uniformed – well, they didn’t have any insignia or, any identifying features on the jackets they had and basically didn’t have uniforms. So fundamentally, you get what you pay for. The Victorian government probably entered into a contract with the head contractor and outlined the requirements, but they would have known that for the price that they’re paying, that those guys were going to subcontract it down lower. Customers have to assume that if you go into a contract and pay a fairly cheap rate, that you’re not going to get the service that you dream of, you’re going to get the service that you pay for.
So my encouragement for everybody, is to please do your research. Don’t entertain companies who will subcontract down and think they can subcontract away their responsibilities for paying a lawful wage and all the entitlements that go with that.   At the end of the day, customers dont know who is doing the security work for them.   And this is exactly what happened in victoria in the hotels. Basically they subcontracted that down to the point where the guards didn’t care got, their money, and went home. They weren’t issued good or reliable PPE and didn’t know what to do with it. They didn’t have sufficient training. And at the end of the day, they didn’t care. So if you want to avoid all of that, please do your research. Enter into a contract with a company that does care.
Obviously. Perth Security Services is one of those companies who care. By the way, we do not subcontract out our services and our responsibilities. If you contract with us, the guards that you get are employed by us and they work for us and we are accountable. So if you tell us something, it gets passed onto the guards. And as I said, we are held accountable. We hold our guards accountable. We hold ourselves accountable to our customer’s expectations. So if you want to hear a little bit further, please feel free to contact us on 9335 5660 or email us at [email protected]perthsecurityservices.com.au. Thank you very much.