What Can I Expect When I Get A Security Job At PSS

Perth Security Services is a family owned business based in WA. It is one of the first security companies in Perth and was formed in 23 Septemeber 1987.

PSS has a large customer base servicing small to large companies. We to provide professional, honest and suitable quality staff to clients as requested, with the flexibility and enthusiasm of a personalised service. At PSS we care of the employees and invests in their career development and training. Each security guard posses specific skills and strengths which is an advantage in various different areas of the security industry. Some team members are suited to handle customer service, while others are suited for mobile patrolling after-hours security or event security.

PSS has static, crowd control and mobile patrolling work; parking management is just an extension of the mobile patrolling. PSS has now made its mark working around Perth for wheel clamping and keeping the bays free for the customers in the shopping centres.

Our guards are trained properly for all sort of work that are required to be done, if a guard needs to work some extra shifts we will coordinate first with guard to see if they are comfortable and ready to take the shift and it doesn’t clash with their schedule.

Security Jobs

At Perth Security Services we offer the following career opportunities –

  • Security Officer (Static Guard)
  • Crowd Controller
  • Mobile Patrol

All of the guards must apply via the form, must have WA driver’s and Security & Crowd control licenses.

Security Job Role Suitability

At Perth Security Services we like to match the potential employee to the best job role. As every security guard has different skills and talents please see below for full job descriptions and responsibilities. This will give you an understanding of what is required for you to become a valued member of PSS team.

Our info:

4/20 Stack St,
Fremantle WA 6160
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 9335 5660

Contact us:

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