Perth Security Services provide a complete selection of security services, these include Uniform Guards, Covert Security (Plain Clothes), Mobile Patrols, Shopping Centre Security, Nationally accredited Security Training Courses, Convex Mirrors/Domes, and Mystery Shopping. For more details on our major services please read the sections below, for any further queries please feel free to contact us.

Car Clamping

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Crowd Control

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Static Guards

Perth Security Services provide accredited, experienced guards with a professional outlook. We specialise in retail security, but our guards are available for nearly all situations, including sporting events, corporate functions and any other event where security may be required. Both male and female security personnel are available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Covert Security

Covert security, also known as undercover or plain-clothes security, is a specialised service that provides unsurpassed success in the apprehension of shoplifters, fraudsters and dishonest employees.

Mobile Patrol

Tell your monitoring company that you want PSS to respond to your alarm! For known trouble areas, large perimeters and to give a visual presence overnight or during your absence, a mobile patrol service is an ideal and cost effective solution.

Mystery Shopper Checks

Perth Security Services are very experienced in mystery shopper checks. We can provide management with information (in the form of a report) in regards to the level of goods or standard of service received. This involves one of our experienced staff pretending to be a customer, and providing the owner/manager with information on the service that was provided.

CCTV Monitoring

Perth Security Services can organise for CCTV installations from recommended suppliers.  Let us take the worry out of organising your quotation.

Alarm Response

Tell your monitoring company that you want PSS to respond to your alarm. Perth Security Services patrol officers can respond to your alarm quickly and without fuss.   We will check the cause and provide a report the next day.   After hours static guards can be easily arranged in the event that your premises' security is compromised, to minimise disruption to your life.

Swipe Cards

To ensure your business receives no unwanted visitors, consider implementing a swipe-card security system.   Perth Security Services can organise a quote and installation for you.