The Role of CCTV in Perth Security Parking | How Important Is It?

Surveillance devices have now become a staple in most areas with security needs. Getting footage about any illegal parking activity near the area is excellent if you want to report incidents to your local police (like the WA Police Force), for example, or any other qualified team.

One of the most popular systems for security cameras that exist today is CCTV. Thanks to this “video surveillance” system, people can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity within public or private property. CCTV systems are also used for those who want to ensure community safety.

Now, what role does a CCTV system play in Perth security parking? It’s much more important than you think! Here’s everything you should know about the importance of CCTV systems in Perth.

About CCTV Footage

Also known as “Closed-circuit television,” CCTV has been used for many decades as one of the best crime prevention and security systems worldwide. Years ago, these security cameras were mostly used by local governments that needed enhanced security requirements to ensure public safety. People could also use this security camera in industrial plants to keep track of different processes.

Today, you can install this security camera system for many different purposes, including parking.

There are many areas around Perth that use CCTV systems, including Victoria Park and other areas in Western Australia. Whether you’re looking to install these systems on private property or public spaces, they can greatly benefit you when it comes to parking systems.

How Do Security Cameras Benefit You?

Let’s go over each benefit that you can get from having a CCTV system in your security parking system in Perth:

Reduced Crime

CCTV has always been one of the best systems to help solve crime. Getting footage of illegal activity in your car park will help local police figure out what happened, which will make the entire process much faster.

Moreover, the mere presence of a security camera in a car park will make a person less likely to commit a crime, as they would be easily identified and arrested.

Overall, CCTV can prevent a wide range of crimes from happening, especially those considered “crimes of opportunity,” including vandalism or break-ins.

Gathering Evidence

Making a claim because of something that happened in your car park will be much easier if you have evidence to support it. Thanks to the convenience of CCTV systems, you will be able to have video proof of what happened, ensuring there’s no room for error.

If your car park, for example, is getting occupied by unwanted cars, you can use a CCTV camera’s footage to get help from local authorities, allowing you to secure your parking area for your customers, friends, or family.

Peace of Mind

Keeping track of your car park all the time can be exhausting. If you’re already dealing with unwanted cars in your space, you may spend an unhealthy amount of time monitoring your park space so that no unwanted guests get in.

However, this is not practical for most people, so the best solution to have peace of mind is to get the right video surveillance systems. As mentioned before, the presence of these cameras will make people less likely to get into the parking lot if they’re not allowed to.

Even if there are people who get in anyway, you can easily get the footage from your camera, call the WA police, and file a formal complaint with enough evidence to support your claims.

Profit from Extra Parking Fees

Some lot owners who decide to install cameras in their space ask for higher parking fees, which are used to cover security equipment and staff. Even though you’re not required to charge more for your customers, you can consider it if the investment seems too high at first.

Potentially Lower Insurance Costs

Parking lots with security cameras often have a higher chance of getting a lower insurance rate. This is because you can prove to your insurance provider that you’re taking all the necessary steps to improve the space’s safety and reduce crime rates, which can get you a reduction.

On the contrary, not having security systems in your car park will get you more exposed to crimes, which will get you higher insurance premiums later.

How Do You Choose the Right CCTV System for Your Needs?

Overall, CCTV cameras play a huge role in ensuring your car park’s safety, as well as your customers’. Making the investment in these high-quality security solutions will get many headaches out of your head in the future.

However, there are currently many different CCTV cameras you can get, such as:

  • Box Style

  • Dome Style

  • Bullet Style

  • Pan Tilt Zoom Style

  • Starlight Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras

If you want to make sure you’re getting the right equipment for your case, we recommend you talk to a professional company that can guide you through the process. These people will be able to get you to the perfect solution to ensure you don’t have to worry about unwanted guests on your property anymore.

Bottom Line – Enhance Your Security Parking System with CCTV Systems

Even though investing in different parking security solutions can be expensive at first, think about all the benefits you’ll get from them. There’s a wide range of security breaches that can happen at any moment in most parking spaces in Perth.

Not only will installing CCTV give you peace of mind; it will also ensure everyone else’s safety. If you’re installing these solutions for your commercial parking space, your customers will appreciate having a safe space where they can park, making them more likely to come back.

Even if something were to happen within your car parking space, you would have quick access to security footage that you can then use as evidence when filing a claim.

Whether you’re working with a commercial, private, or retail establishment, our team can give you all the resources needed to make your parking space the most secure one in the area. Contact Perth Security Services today, and discover how we can prevent unauthorised parking quickly and easily.


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