Your Comprehensive Guide for How to Stay Safe in Perth Car Parks

In today’s world, safety is one of our top priorities. Perth is a bustling city with many car parks. Unfortunately, many thefts and accidents take place in car parks. With the increased crime rates, it’s crucial to take steps to ensure you are protected in Perth parking bays, which includes ensuring that the car park itself is properly secured and managed.

While there’s no way to guarantee that a thief or unwanted visitor won’t try any funny business, there are simple measures that will certainly deter possible intruders and increase your security.

How to Stay Safe in Perth Car Parks

Did you know thousands of thefts take place in parking bays every year? When in Perth, there are various free and paid parking options, including street parking, open-air and multi-storey parking, residential parking, disability access parking, etc.

Regardless of where you park, the following tips will help keep you safe:

  1. Park in Designated Parking Bays: Designated areas will have clear signs or markings. Failure to park within one of these areas may result in an accident, your car being towed, or receiving a parking ticket.

  2. Park in Well-lit Areas: Always look for a well-lit area when choosing a parking spot, especially if you’re parking at night, as this often discourages criminal activity and makes it easier to see your surroundings.

  3. Lock Your Vehicle and Take Your Car Keys with You: This is the simplest but most important way to prevent theft or unauthorised entry into your vehicle. You can never go wrong with investing in a proper security system for your car. Other beneficial gadgets you could invest in include a car immobiliser or a steering wheel lock.

  4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings at All Times: Always be conscious of your surroundings when walking to and from your vehicle. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious or unusual. If you come across something potentially dangerous, report it to the security personnel or police as soon as possible.

  5. Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car: Avoid leaving valuables in your car, especially in plain sight. If you need to keep certain items in the vehicle, make sure they’re out of plain sight or stored in the boot. Criminals are more likely to break into your car or wait for you to return if they see any valuable items inside.

  6. Travel in Pairs or Groups: If possible, travel in groups and pairs – especially at night. This adds an additional layer of protection and will discourage any potential thieves.

  7. Stay in Well-trafficked Areas: Parking in a well-trafficked area will reduce the risk of danger because people will be able to see any suspicious activity and report it to the authorities or parking security officers if necessary.

  8. Keep Your Phone Charged: Always make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving the house. If you’re in an emergency or are worried that you might be in danger, you need to be able to call for help.

  9. Use the Buddy System: If you’re alone, the buddy system is worth considering. What is this, you might ask? This is a system whereby you notify a family member or friend of your whereabouts and your expected time of arrival. If you don’t arrive at the said location at the designated time, they can alert the authorities.

  10. Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help: Don’t hesitate to call for help if you think your life is in danger! Contact the parking bay’s security personnel or the police immediately if you notice any suspicious activity or feel unsafe.

These simple but effective tips will keep you safe in any Perth parking bay.

What Can Business Owners Do to Secure Their Car Parks?

A parking area can be considered dangerous for people, particularly children, disabled people, and the elderly, as they might not be able to cross the car park as quickly as drivers would expect them to. Therefore, it’s crucial for business owners to make their car parks as safe as possible to avoid injuries and accidents and ensure there is smooth traffic flow.

If you’re a business owner and need to make your car park safer, the following tips will ensure that people of all ages can park safely without any added stresses:

Hire a Perth Security Parking Company

This is probably the best decision you could make for your parking bay. A Perth security parking company will implement various security measures that will keep people, their cars, and your car park safe, such as:

  • Car Park Management:

If you own a business in Perth, car park management is essential. This is an effective solution to parking issues and will address a wide range of issues, including patrolling, identifying illegal parking and unauthorised vehicles, issuing infringement notices, providing warning signs, etc.

  • Access Control:

Security officers will use effective access control measures to ensure there is no unauthorised entry into your parking bay. This can be done in a number of ways, such as security personnel, access cards, boom gates, etc.

  • Regular Patrols:

By hiring a reputable parking security company, you can rest easy knowing that the security guards will regularly patrol the car park to ensure all people and motor vehicles are safe. These professionals are trained to detect any suspicious activity and take appropriate action immediately.

Security guards may also inspect the ACROD parking bays and ensure that all vehicles parked in these spots have an Australian disability parking permit.

  • Surveillance and Licence Plate Recognition Camera Services:

Camera surveillance may be used to detect any suspicious activity in the car park. The company could also use other forms of technology, such as license plate recognition. When using this technology, a security officer will patrol the car park and scan licence plates to determine how long vehicles have been parked.

Car Park Lighting

One of our top tips for safety is to have a well-lit area. Apart from the fact that people and drivers will be able to see more clearly, any potential hazards will also be more visible. It’s a known fact that good lighting deters crime. Therefore, when choosing lighting for your parking area, make sure to consider both drivers and pedestrians. You’ll have to place the lights in strategic locations so that the entire space will be well-lit. LED lights are a great option to consider as they have a long lifespan and are energy-efficient.

Parking Space Dividers and Wheel Stops

Parking space dividers are also referred to as delineators and are used to create physical barriers between pedestrians and parked cars. The main purpose of this is to ensure pedestrians are not hit by vehicles backing out of parking spaces.

Wheel stops are often used to prevent drivers from hitting a pedestrian or wall. They are placed at the top of each parking space to ensure the vehicle isn’t parked too far forward and doesn’t encroach on the parking space in front of it. Wheel stops are made from a wide range of materials, including steel, polyethylene, or heavy-duty rubber.

Parking Bollards

Bollards are used to create parking restrictions. They are steel, concrete, or plastic posts used to restrict access or delineate areas. You can use bollards to prevent cars from entering areas that are off-limits and create safe walkways for pedestrians.

Line Markings

If you own a car park, one of the most important aspects of enhancing safety is ensuring there are proper parking space line markings. These parking signs guide people to park their vehicles in the correct places, which helps to reduce accidents. Plus, the space will look more professional and organized. Here are a few tips if you want to make sure you have proper and adequate line markings:

  • The paint can dry very quickly on gravel surfaces, so make sure you paint them carefully.

  • Double-check to ensure all lines are visible and freshly painted.

  • Use high-quality and durable materials to make the line markings.

Keep Yourself Safe in Perth Parking Bays

There are a number of things you can do to stay safe in Perth car parks. However, it’s also vital for the business owner responsible for the parking bay to implement necessary measures to keep pedestrians and drivers safe. While there are a number of safety tips to follow, hiring a reputable Perth security company will give both people and business owners peace of mind that the parking area is a safe space.


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