Security training programs enable individuals to learn about the essentials of security. Most programs aim to help individuals open pathways to a career in security. There are various roles that professionals within the security industry can take up including security officers, crowd controllers, and guards. In this blog post, we cover the basics of security training programs.

The importance of a security training program:

A number of states in Australia have formal training standards that officers must follow in order to become licensed. In the past, training may have been provided on-the-job, but now it is mandatory for individuals to become certified before taking up a role in the security industry.

Security training programs teach individuals about the basics of following security standards and help them develop skills in first aid, observation, risk management, investigation, crowd control, verbal and written communication, and crisis management.

Through a security training program such as the one offered by the PSTA, individuals can achieve the Certificate II in Security Operations – CPP20212. This certification is the minimum requirement for individuals to get licensed as a security professional in Perth.

Earn the necessary experience:

Most employers look for a certain level of experience when hiring a security officer or crowd controller. A comprehensive security training program such as the one offered by the PSTA helps you prepare for these job roles by training you under real-world environment. Our state-of-the-art on-premise facility and professional security trainers teach you exactly how to tackle real-world security situations. We put you through a number of drills and simulations to help you earn the necessary experience for working in the security industry.

If you would like to learn more about the security training program at PSTA or how we can help you get licensed as a security officer, contact us right away.