Mobile Patrols

Need Mobile Security Patrols? Perth Security Services offer Perth and its surrounding areas a Mobile Patrol security service that we supply with accredited, experienced security guards who operate in highly visible vehicles branded to advertise they are a security service.

Mobile Patrolling provides a cost effective alternative to a full time static security guard and are very good for alarm
response. Our mobile security patrol services provide that element of
uncertainty and surprise via random drive pasts, or they arrive on exact diarised times to either provide a deterrent, or
to provide a specific value-added service to your business, the public or your staff.

The mobile patrol services offer another dimension of safety and security that the public,
employees and business owners demand for their assets and their people.

Mobile Security Patrol Benefits

  • The mobile security patrol service in Perth offers a targeted service which can either swiftly respond to an event (e.g. triggered alarm), be a guardian for a process (for example, escort cash and valuables), or be a mobile presence which can add an element of randomness and uncertainty as to when they might arrive, and so disrupt certainty into the confidence of criminals who might consider, theft, intrusion, assault or other acts.

  • Security and safety cannot be assumed or guaranteed in Perth as crime is on the increase. Mobile Security Patrols offer the peace of mind and a fast response service to your security problems. A Mobile Patrol service provided by Perth Security Services diminishes the risk of having to deal with the aftermath and repercussions of a crime or incident..

Mobile Patrolling is not only useful for businesses but also for private homes.

Having a mobile patrol officer visiting your property while you are away on holiday can deter any opportunistic criminals from
taking advantage of your absence. Need a mobile patrol in your area? Our team is ready to discuss your needs now.

Free Key Holding

Our mobile security patrols in Perth can hold customer’s keys at NO CHARGE at all. We have
innovated software that manages customer key registrations to give you peace of mind. This is
useful if you are travelling interstate or overseas and are wanting that extra precaution to keep
your property, valuables or business safe.


Our Mobile Patrols are available for nearly any situation in Perth, including site patrols, payroll or dash conveyances, staff protection, and events where security may be required. Both male and female Mobile Patrol security personnel are available across Perth, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and can be arranged at very short notice.

Our mobile patrol guards are highly trained and will make sure to spot any security concerns on your property which we can then report back to you. This can help prevent any future incidents from even occurring.

Random Patrol Checks

Our highly visible, marked mobile security patrol cars and mobile patrol management system has proved to be one
of the most cost effective deterrents for our customers in Perth. We use a guard verification system and GPS to verify
that the patrol officer has been to your site – If we can not verify we went there, we will not invoice it. We care about
your safety above all else at PSS.

Perth Security Services The Prefered Choice Among Security Guard Companies

When you need a reliable and professional security company in Perth, call on us at Perth Security Services. With our award-winning security service, competitive pricing, and experienced staff, you have no reason to look anywhere else.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about why we’re the trusted choice for security guard services in WA.

    What clients SAY


      I would like to say how excellent we have found your Security Service to deal with. We have booked Perth Security Services for the past two years for our Reclaim the Night event, which is a women only event to protest against sexual violence.
      The Security Staff both years have arrived on time (and checked times before hand), been polite, friendly and helpful and most importantly at an event of this sensitive nature, non intrusive (whilst still dealing with anyone who should not be at the event).
      We will definitely use your services again and recommend you to others.


      I would personally like to thank Neville and the Perth Security Services team for the wonderful service they have provided over the past few years at the Queensgate Car Park in Fremantle and I look forward to working with them again on other projects in the future.


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    • If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Phone

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