A key part of security is to understand, evaluate, and respond to risks. As a security officer, it is your responsibility to be able to analyze the degree and nature of a security risk and determine an adequate response for it. As part of the Certificate II in Security Operations – CPP20212, a core unit is CPPSEC2004B that deals with risk situations and how to respond to them.

In this blog post, we break down the CPPSEC2004B component of the CPP20212 to outline how you can learn the key skill of responding to security risk situations through our training program.

Identifying and understanding security risk situations:

The first and most important part of responding to risk situations is to understand what a security risk situation is and how to understand it. Therefore, as part of our training, we educate you about potential risk situations and how you can make use of appropriate tools and methods to assess the nature and degree of the risk to self, others, premises, and property. This will include training to identify OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements and apply the relevant risk control measures to ensure the safety of self, others, and property.

  • Responding to security risks:

Once you have identified the risk, the next step is to respond to the security risk. As part of this training, you will be put through various security risk situation simulations so that you can learn how to devise appropriate responses to such situations. The goal of a response will be to maximize the security and safety of self, others, and property. Our comprehensive training program will cover the relevant techniques for responding to risk and documenting them for future reference.

  • Assisting in reviewing the response to a security risk situation:

As a security officer, it is necessary that you can not just handle security risk situations on your own but participate in the review and debriefing processes of other security risk situations as well. In this phase of the training, you will be taught about observational and communication skills that will enable you to comprehensively review situations in a concise, clear and constructive manner.

Being able to respond to security risk situations is an important personal skill and a mandatory requirement for security officers. If you would like to learn more about how the PSTA’s security training program helps you acquire this skill, get in touch with our security experts today.