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Training FAQ

How long will the training last?

The training period is set by WA Police and is 120 hours, which equates to 15 working days, or 3 weeks.

What is the timing of the classes?

Classes normally run on weekdays from 830am to 430pm. However, on the first day of training, you are to arrive by 8am. The whole course runs for 3 weeks (15 business days)

How often do you have classes?

We start a new class every Monday unless it’s a public holiday

How do I enrol?

The enrolment process is done online. You may visit our website at Perth Security Services for registration (www.perthsecurityservices/training/) or you may call us at (08) 9335 5660 for the enrolment link.

Are there any payment options?

You may pay a deposit of $250 or pay in advance in full. If you pay in full in advance, you will be eligible for any discount. If you choose to pay the deposit only prior to the course, the discount will not be applicable.

How can I pay?

You will be sent an invoice via a link in an email at the conclusion of your enrolment. Send payment through the link provided to you in your email.

Do you offer classes online?

No. WA Police do not permit online training. All security training courses must be conducted in face-to-face classes.

Where is the training done?

All classes are conducted at 20 Stack Street, Fremantle.

Do we have free parking?

Yes, we have free off street parking for all our students.

Do you offer other special courses?

Yes, we offer First aid, RSA, and White card classes.

Are Student Visa holders allowed to do the training?

Yes, as long as your visa gives you have full working rights in Australia.

Can I miss some classes?

We are required by WA Police to make sure that your training is at least 120 hours. We understand that sometimes you may need to miss some time and we encourage you to discuss this with your instructor. If you do miss classes, you can make up the time later at a time to be agreed with your instructor.

Is the training cost all I have to pay?

“The training cost covers the CerƟficate II in Security Operations, First Aid, RSA, and White Card courses. If you wish to complete the SAIWA test and attain your Security/Crowd Control Licence, other fees may apply. These can be found through the SAIWA and WA Police Licensing Services websites.”

What else do I need to get a security licence?

To get a security licence, you need a Certificate II in Security Operations, a First Aid certificate, a successful SAIWA exam result and an application at WA Police. You get the first 2 through your training and the training enables you to pass the SAIWA test. This will be explained during your training.

Security Guard Training

The security guard training course is your opportunity to enhance and improve your skills. By asking a lot of quesƟons you can find out what the important skills are that you should develop to have a successful security career. Moreover, you need to complete the training to get licensed and be hired by top companies. In some cases, you will get referrals from the training academy for best security jobs in your area. Do not miss your training. Attend regularly to avoid missing lessons and exercises.

Pass criminal background check

Security guards are required to pass the background check. You should have a clean criminal record and no pending court cases. Security companies need to confirm your identity before they hire you. There will be thorough background checks to ensure that you can care for and protect the security and welfare of people and property entrusted to you. In addition, you should know that most states in Australia do not allow security guards with criminal records. Employers often check work history, sex offender database, driving records, credit check and criminal records.

Pick your specialisation

It is highly advised that before any security guard training, you should decide on your area of specialisation. It can help you focus better on learning the skills that you need.

How can you decide? Conduct research about the most in-demand security service in your area. From there, you can start deciding on which areas of specialisation you should focus on.

Security Guard Training

It is no secret that there are heaps of security companies that provide security guard training. Finding the best academy who can effectively train you could be a challenge.

It is highly important to find the best institution that can help develop your skills. The best academy can help you land the best security job. As a start, check out the state directory for accredited security academies in your area. Visit the potential school and see how it goes!

You should be physically fit

First things first, you do not need a bodybuilder body to become a security guard! However, you should be physically fit to ensure that you can carry out your duties and responsibilities as a security guard. Poor endurance may compromise safety which can also affect your personal health. So, prepare for the security guard training! Mentally and physically.

In conclusion

There are security companies in Perth that provide training for individuals who wish to fulfil a career in the security industry. IIt is only a matter of finding the best company that can show you the way to a successful security career. Moreover, you should be aware of the important information before attending the security guard training. It can help you focus better and ensure that you are doing the right thing.

As someone who dreams of achieving a successful security guard career, you should:

 Complete the security guard training.

 Be physically and mentally fit.

 Pass all the requirements including a criminal background check.

 Decide which area of security do you want to focus on.

 Lastly, be keen on choosing the best security academy!

So, when do you want to start? Contact Us today to find out more.


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