Are curious to know the ins and outs of security jobs in Australia? What do employees across Australia look for in candidates? If you’re considering a security career in the future, you have come to the right place. You’ll find all the information that you need below!

Job Descriptions, Benefits and more…

The primary job goal of a security officer is to detect, deter observe and report what’s going on in your post. It involves protecting company’s property and employee by maintaining a safe and secure environment. Patrolling, monitoring and reporting are some of the tasks that are entrusted to security officers. Guards on patrol/monitoring check the entrances and exits, look for suspicious objects/activities, restrain aggressive individuals and provide help in case of an emergency. Full time and part time security guards can gain various benefits such as discounted insurance, opportunity to earn during job peaks and other benefits the security company provides.

Common Types of Security Services

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Event Management (e.g. crowd control)
  • Cyber Security
  • Escort Services
  • Personal Protection
  • Technical Security

How to be a security guard in Australia?

The security industry is not an easy career field as it involves risks and long hours of work. To qualify for a security guarding post in Australia, you need to pass the security training as preparation for becoming a full time security officer. The guard training is also a way for you to obtain the security license which is a requirement if you’re looking at security officer jobs across Australia. Licensing varies and is carried out by the Justice Department, Attorney General’s Department and Department of Consumer Affairs. There are areas where licensing application have been changed due to the Coronavirus crisis. The salary of a typical officer ranges from 22,200 to 82,300 AUD with an annual earning of 52,400 AUD. The salaries also varies on job type, skills, experience, gender and location.

Training & Licensing Basics

To obtain a license, you must qualify for the training requirements of the state police. You should have completed Year 10 to qualify into the training programs. Security operations and training is learned during the training such as dealing with basic equipment, patrolling, self-defense and communication system. The training also involves teaching the candidates how to establish a good working relationship with the employer and other people within the parameters. You will be taught how to maintain and ensure a safe environment, as well as the basics of risk management and risk assessment.

Other Security Courses:

  • First Aid Training Course (Provide First Aid HLTAID003)

A first aid training that is aimed at helping individuals before help arrives. It includes learning first aid procedures, emergency response, reporting incident, risk assessment and evaluation.

  • RSA

RSA stands for Responsible Service of Alcohol. All persons involved in establishments that provide or sell alcohol to its clients are required to obtain RSA certificate. RSA differs on every state in Australia.

  • Aviation Security

Another course that is aimed at protecting and security the airport. The course includes training for using handheld metal detectors and explosive trace detection.

  • White Card Course

The White Card course promotes workplace health and safety in construction sites. It involves training on safety hazards, safety issues and ways to respond during an emergency situation.

Ways to find security jobs

One of the best ways to find security officer jobs is through a security company. They help aspiring candidates land a security officer job that suits their skills and capabilities. You can also take the initiative by looking online to search for a security job within your location. Security employees across Australia prefer working within their location to save on travel and have more time with the family. A full time officer has to stay on duty for at least 7 or more hours depending on the job type.

Tips to remember when looking a security position on 2020:

  • Think of a personal experience that applies to the role of a security personnel. It may include those experiences when you were able to successfully calm and angry person.
  • Describe a situation when you we’re in danger. How did you got out of it?

Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Why did you choose to be in this field?
  • What is the first thing that you will do when you see two people fighting?
  • Have you attended any security courses?

Security officers are needed now more than ever. The Coronavirus crisis has prompted most businesses to close temporarily in line with the COVID-19 government protocols. The COVID-19 protocol includes checking body temperature and imposing physical and social distancing in supermarkets, malls and other establishment. Surprising, such tasks were added to the job description of security personnel. The number of establishments requesting for guards had increased since the government imposed city lock downs and quarantine. It can be a perfect opportunity for someone looking for a new job amidst the pandemic. For security jobs in Australia, check out Perth Security Services!