If you are planning to work in establishments that serve alcohol to clients, getting the RSA certificate is a requirement for both staff working behind the bar – and now, for people working as crowd controllers in the establishment.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate shows that you have received is a training that provides you with the skills and knowledge in the service of alcohol in a responsible manner.  handling alcohol.

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What is an RSA certificate?

After passing the RSA training, an RSA certificate will be issued to you. The certification proves that you are fully aware of the alcohol consumption regulations in Australia.

The RSA certificate is a mandatory requirement in hospitality management industries. As security personnel who work in hotels, restaurants, pubs and concerts, you are required to obtain the RSA certificate.

RSA training is mandatory in all states. Obtaining the certificate means you can work in places that serve alcoholic beverages all over Australia.

What should you learn during the RSA training?

The RSA training provides you with the right skills, knowledge and behaviour when dealing with alcohol-related situations. It will teach you how to handle, control and contain the situation responsibly. Our RSA training will teach you how to identify intoxicated people and underage drinkers. There is a need to control the alcohol intake of intoxicated people and to stop serving alcohol to underage drinkers. As a crowd controller, security guard, it is also essential to know how to assist people who are intoxicated. There are proper ways to handle intoxicated, especially when they’re distracting other people in the area.

How can you get the certificate?

In most states, except Victoria, the RSA training can be done online. The duration of the training differs from class to class. More people choose to do the course online due to a more relaxed schedule. There are also downloadable reference materials that can help you throughout the session. When looking for an online training academy, it is important to choose an accredited service. An RSA training service should be able to tailor their training to the state where your job is located.

Advantages of Proper RSA Training for Security Guards

  • Improved safety

A proper RSA training can improve safety and security in your field. You will get better control of the people who engage in alcohol within your parameters. It allows you to reprimand intoxicated drinkers who may be planning something that can jeopardise everyone’s safety.

The RSA training will help you gain ideas as to how you can calm down or reprimand intoxicated drinkers from doing bad actions.

  • Identify intoxicated people

Identify intoxicated people and keep an eye on them. RSA training will teach you how to identify intoxicated people. These include identifying the common signs of being intoxicated in terms of appearance and behaviour. Leave them be unless they’re distracting the audience or setting.

  • Anticipate bad behaviour

We all have the natural instinct to anticipate bad behaviour or danger. With RSA training, this natural skill will be more developed or highlighted. You will become more aware of your environment, which allows you to identify potential threats and danger quickly. At this point, RSA training can become useful outside the job, as well.

Passing the RSA training is just one of the requirements of becoming a licensed security guard. There are more skills that should be developed to become a highly-skilled security guard. Developing such skills does not happen in one sitting. It takes time and effort!

If you have failed to meet all the requirements for RSA Perth training now, try again!

Your training officer will continue to support you until you nail it!

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