Crowd management is a key part of hosting an event. However, most event coordinators often overlook this element of security when putting together an event. To ensure a smooth and unproblematic event, it is important that you take into mind how to control crowds of customers and clients. This is particularly important for public events and sales such as ‘Black Friday’ when a huge turnover is expected.

In this blog post, we highlight the importance of crowd management and how the PSTA’s security training program can help you achieve this.

Why is crowd management important?

Without a proper crowd management strategy in place, events often turn into chaos because of mismanagement and lack of planning. Depending on what the event is, the absence of a crowd control team can lead to injuries and stampedes. In fact, huge crowds also provide thieves with the opportunity to steal personal belongings of people coming to the event.

A crowd management strategy, that is led by a crowd control expert, is the right way to overcoming these problems. A trained crowd controller is capable of clearly defining responsibilities to your security team. A clear system should be put into place for queuing and people management that should be understandable by both the customers and the staff.

How the PSTA can help:

The PSTA provides a security training program that covers all the basics of crowd control. By providing this training to your security team, particularly the security head, you can have an in-house crowd controller who can help you develop and execute your own crowd management strategy. As part of the training program, the PSTA covers the following areas of crowd control:

  • How to follow workplace safety procedures and respond to risk situations.
  • How to manage and control the security of large audiences in varying scenarios.
  • How to communicate effectively through verbal and written communication.
  • How to protect the safety of people, and apply first aid in the case of injuries.
  • How to control access points including entry and exit points.
  • How to monitor and control crowd and individual behaviors.
  • How to manage conflicts within crowds through negotiation.

A tailored crowd management strategy will help you make sure that your next mega event is safe and secure. If you would like to learn more about how to manage crowds safely, reach out to us. Our crowd control experts would love to guide you further.