Crowd security is one of the most in-demand security services in Western Australia. There is always a need for highly skilled crowd controller for big events. As the name suggests, a crowd controller is responsible for managing and controlling crowds in big events. Crowd controllers are also responsible for maintaining safety and security in concerts, parties and other public events. So, how can you become an effective crowd controller?

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Here’s how you can become an effective crowd controller:


The first thing you should consider is to train. The Certificate II in Security Operations or Crowd Control is a training that you are required to pass to become a crowd controller. With crowd control and management training, you will learn the basics of crowd controlling. This will provide you with adequate knowledge on how you can fully execute your responsibilities and obligations as crowd security. Moreover, passing the training will open opportunities for crowd controlling jobs. Being a licensed crowd controller will help you to be employed by well-paying agencies.


Research can help you gain new ways to maintain crowd security. Technology and books are a good source of information. It can also aid in your training and guide you to the best crowd controlling tactics. This will make learning easier and more interactive. With research, you will also learn how to identify crowd behaviour and ways of preventing fights and injuries. Communication also plays a big part in crowd control.


Observing is one of the best ways to learn effective crowd controlling. Observe people’s behaviour in big events and find out the most effective way to maintain crowd security. The security guard training will expose you to situations that require crowd security. You need to be alert and focused when you are in the field.

Observation is an effective technique for crowd control and management. The best crowd controllers are those who can stay focused and calm despite any situation.

Learn & Execute

Observation and research will help you gain the best tactics to effective crowd controller. As a crowd controller, you need to apply what you have learned when engaged in the field. There is always a need to apply your learnings and to develop your skills further. The best way to do it is by applying what you have learned while doing your job as a crowd controller – So, never stop learning!

In conclusion

So, how can you become an effective crowd controller? What does it take to become a crowd security expert? Easy!

Consider this as a mantra to live by: Train. Research. Observe. Learn and execute.

Train to learn the skills and knowledge that you need. Keep learning through research and observation. Apply what you have learned and continue to develop your skills. Always search for ways of improving skills and never stop learning. Would you like to become an effective crowd controller?

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