There are many simple ways on how you can make your home less vulnerable to a break-in.

Perth Security Services have compiled 21 ways to make your home less vulnerable.

  1. Install a good CCTV camera and alarm system

 Burglars will be deterred if they see the signs that your home is protected by a good security camera and alarm system.  Make sure this system is monitored or at least goes to your smart phone

  1. Keep the blinds closed

 If burglars do not see what to steal, they are likely to go elsewhere.

  1. Team up with your neighbour for home safety watch.

 Get friendly with your neighbours.   Watch over their house and ask them to do the same to yours.   Be nosy – ask questions if you notice someone there, especially if you know the neighbours are not at home

  1. Consider getting a dog

 Get a barking Fido to watch over your house. Burglars are often deterred by the attention caused by a barking dog.

  1. Secure doors, windows and garage

 Keep doors, windows and garage locked even if you’re at home.

  1. Keep those plants and shrubs trimmed

 Burglars can easily hide behind tall plants and shrubs.   Keep them trimmed so people cannot hide behind and enter your home unnoticed.

  1. Keep the radio or television on

 Use timers to switch on and off the devices in your home that can make noise.   Consider using another timer on a light if you come home late, it makes the burglars think that somebody is home even if you’re away.

  1. Light up the surroundings

 Consider sensor lights outside – lighting is a great deterrent to keep away burglars.

  1. Consider installing window and door grills

 Windows and doors with reinforced grills prevent burglars from quickly entering your home.

  1. Consider building a high fence with security alarms

 High fences provide another obstacle to a burglar and make it obvious if somebody climbs to it – especially if you install good motion sensor lighting.

  1. Do not advertise your trip

 Avoid telling people about your itineraries and posting on social media while you are on holiday – wait until you return.   Ask someone to stay in your house while you are away, or if that is not possible, at least ask someone to put your bins out and back so there is the semblance of routine at your house.

  1. Leave your garage door closed when you are home

 An exposed garage is just an invitation for people to observe what valuable tools or equipment you own.

  1. Don’t leave house or car keys near the front door

 Criminals might consider trying to sneak in to get your keys to return later.   Don’t make it easy for them by leaving your keys very easily found.

  1. Considering using privacy film on windows and doors

 Privacy film helps to conceal what is inside your home to potential burglars.

  1. Change locks regularly

 Change your lock as soon as you move into a new house and consider changing them at intervals.   Do you know who you gave a spare key to?

  1. Do not hide spare keys outside

 Burglars know where to look for keys outside the house.   Do not leave any spare key outside.   If you want to leave a key with someone, ask a trusted neighbour or security service

  1. Do not leave things lying in your garden

 Ladders, bikes and tools lying in your front yard or garden attract attention and invite theft.   It also gives the impression that you are an easy target.

  1. Always lock up

 Inspect the door, windows and garage locks before sleeping.   Don’t trust yourself, always do a last check before retiring for the night.

  1. Disable geotags in your camera.

 You can be easily traced if the location in your phone is activated, especially if you post online.

  1. Do not just let people into your home

 Do not trust anyone.   Do not open the door to unknown people or even make it obvious what the layout of your house and what you have inside.

  1. Always be ready to call the police

 Be in contact with the police.   Be ready to make a call the moment you notice someone lurking outside your home or your neighbour’s home.   Its better to make an honest mistake than assume that person is invited.


  • Stay vigilant – always think that your home is vulnerable to theft. It allows you to stay more alert and watchful.
  • Once the isolation period and lockdown is over, make a point of meeting your neighbours. You can provide support to each other and reduce the likelihood of break-ins in your area.
  • Talk to a home security expert to ensure the safety of your home!

Reach out to Perth Security Services.   Talk to us to know more about the 21 ways to make house less vulnerable to theft.