The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a toll on most businesses in the world.   According to a new study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, 5 million companies worldwide are negatively affected due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The security industry is assisting many of these businesses during this difficult time by providing services that can help the community and are often at the front line of people helping to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Guarding Establishments

Security personnel are needed to safeguard establishments while they are temporarily closed.   The visibility of security personnel can ensure the safety of a business while everyone is away.   Security personnel can ensure that no one can get into a building while the pandemic is ongoing, preventing a possible contaminating of the site, making it safe and secure to return to work and alleviating the possible cost of an expensive decontamination procedure.

Manning entrance and exit points

Strict entrance and exit security and safety protocols are required for businesses and establishments that provide essential services such as supermarkets, banks, hospitals and pharmacies.   Security personnel can mandate that safety protocols are followed before individuals enter the building.   These include wearing a mask, checking people’s temperature using thermal scanners and spraying alcohol-based sanitizers.  Security personnel can also make sure that physical distancing is followed by people inside the building.

Patrolling the area

Patrolling is another in-demand security service during the Coronavirus outbreak, which is quite common in both small and large commercial properties.   Patrol officers can help ensure the physical security of buildings after hours and monitor who is onsite after hours.   Patrol officers may also be requested to assist staff lock buildings or even escort staff to their vehicle during quiet times, which is even more noticeable now that many people are working from home.

Safety and Detection

Security tools and equipment can help maintain safety and perhaps detect Coronavirus?   There are high-end CCTV cameras with sensors that can detect body temperature automatically.   The data can be analysed by AI and used to alert people to someone with a raised body temperature.   This use of technology has been widely used in Singapore Airport as well as many other very populated areas.


Final Thoughts

The security industry has seen a growth in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic situation and has played a significant role in battling the Coronavirus crisis.

The security industry is one with the government in helping to flatten the Coronavirus curve so we can all return to our normal lives as soon as possible.   Security personnel are highly visible in establishments to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a mask, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and maintaining physical distancing.

Lastly, it is essential to follow government protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.   Everyone should stay at home whenever possible to assist with preventing the spread of the virus.

Please stay at home and stay safe.