A First Aid Certificate or Provide First Certificate is one of the most valuable work requirements that you need to obtain in Australia. The first aid training course equips students with basic knowledge on how to administer CPR and first aid in an emergency situation. If you’re looking for a company that can help you obtain a first aid certificate in Perth, reach out to Perth Security Training Academy. The First Aid Certificate or Provide First Certificate is mainly divided into three subcategories which are basic CPR, emergency life support and first aid. The first aid knowledge is useful not only in your workplace but outside as well.

Benefits of First Aid Training

Reduced injuries

First aid knowledge can reduce workplace injuries. It will enable you to perform proper first aid when engaged in an emergency situation. It can effectively help you to save lives and control health situations until authorities arrived.  You are able to offer immediate assistance if you are highly trained and always ready.


With a knowledge of first aid, you will be more aware of the workplace and personal safety. A safe workplace can create a positive environment that can lead to higher productivity levels. Positivity and safety can also contribute to the company’s success. It also helps you build a good relationship with the company and your coworkers.

Proper use of first aid kits

The first aid certificate in Perth will allow you to gain knowledge about the proper use of first aid kits. You will also learn proper CPR and basic life support knowledge. Proper first aid knowledge can lower health risk and achieve safety. It can literally save lives and reduce fatalities. It keeps everyone calm during an emergency situation As a qualified first aid provider, the first thing you should learn is to calm the people that are involved in an emergency situation. Panicking will prevent you from concentrating on your first aid. The first aid training will teach you a few tips on how to handle people in an emergency situation. And remember to only do what you are trained for!

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