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    Perth Security Services has been in the industry for over 30 years (started on the 23rd of September 1987 to be exact) providing award winning security services, exceptionally skilled security guards, and innovative security features. Both large and small businesses in Western Australia and the nearby areas have benefited from our services.  So, who needs security? Our winning security solutions are highly recommended by big companies, shopping centres, construction sites, and other business owners!

    Our Security Staff

    We currently have in excess of 160 employees, with more than half this number employed in permanent positions and the remainder filling ad-hoc positions as demand requires. Perth Security Services pride themselves on the quality and professionalism of their staff and ensure all personnel are holders of a current security guard license and first aid certificate.

    Security revolves around a dynamic world. As one of Perth’s first security companies, we know the importance of keeping up with changes and innovations. At Perth Security Services, we commit ourselves to transparency, continuous improvement, enhancement, and growth, which have allowed us to position ourselves as one of the most trusted and reliable security services. Everything we do is to ensure maximum security and to meet our clients’ expectations.

    Our Management Team

    Our management brings together a wealth of different experiences, including operational service in the Australian Defence Force (Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy) and many years in the security scene.

    Don’t let the name fool you either – Perth Security Services capably operates beyond the boundaries of the metropolitan area and are able to take enquiries for any area within our beautiful state of Western Australia.

    Neville – Company Director

    Prior to civilian life, Neville had a successful career with the Royal Australian Navy spanning well into the double digits, operating within the highly-regarded Clearance Diver unit.

    Neville has owned and operated Perth Security Services for two decades, consistently striving for professionalism, accountability and integrity. It is not even uncommon for Neville to talk clients out of additional services that they don’t actually need, putting the client’s needs ahead of his own business’ “bottom line”. This approach, combined with Neville’s continuous honesty and integrity, has reaped the rewards of repeat business, word-of-mouth marketing, and good standing within the Perth community.

    Neville’s reputation and knowledge of the industry has also crossed interstate and even international borders, having now forged an impressive relationship with Allied Security (New Zealand’s largest security provider and now also operating in Melbourne, Victoria).

    Isaac Towne

    Isaac – Operations Manager

    In addition to his role with Perth Security Services, Isaac is also a serving member of the Australian Defence Force, currently an active Army Reservist having also served operationally in a full-time capacity.

    Isaac has worked within the security industry for the best part of ten years, with experience including Department of Justice sites (most notably as Deputy Security Manager at Fremantle Courthouse), Crown Perth’s complex and venues, large scale concerts and festivals (including Groovin the Moo, Listen Out, Dunsborough Leavers, and many more), corporate functions and events, bars, pubs, and nightclubs.

    Having been at the “grassroots” level of the security industry and at every step up to his current position as Operations Manager of a security provider, Isaac is well placed to mentor both new and experienced security personnel, identify and hire talent, provide insight and identify possible issues that may arise from the perspective of security personnel working at a particular site, and keep Neville on his toes!

    Franky – Multiple Roles

    Franky is the current Morale Coordinator, K9 Services Manager, and Good Boy.

    His strengths include being able to sleep on any surface, stealing water from Neville’s cup, terrifying intruders by threatening to lick them to death, and giving puppy dog eyes when office staff are having lunch. Although Franky is still young, he is quickly learning that not everyone likes to be jumped on and that he is far more likely to get snacks from Neville than Isaac.


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    • If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Phone

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