As security personnel, you need to keep in mind the safety protocols while on duty.   You never know when things are going to get worse – providing successful security includes keeping yourself safe and sound.

First things first…

The security profession is associated with danger. You need to undergo training to obtain a licence and to ensure that you have learned all of the necessary skills.

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Consider these top 5 tips to help you provide a successful security service!

#1 Be alert!

Keep in mind that the unexpected can happen anytime.

Stop, look and listen. Take a minute to listen closely to the surroundings to detect noises that seem out of place   It can also help improve your attention to detail which is essential in the security profession.   Be aware of and use your peripheral vision at night

By staying alert, you can quickly respond to a critical situation, detect suspicious activity and call for support from the police and mobile patrols

#2 Wear your uniform

Wear appropriate and prescribed clothing for identification and to be seen.   Uncomfortable clothing or uniform can hamper movement which can be to your disadvantage if you have to move quickly   Hi-vis vests and reflective items help promote your presence and deter unwanted or criminal activity

Expect lots of walking and other physical activities especially if your task falls under the mobile patrol security. Comfortable shoes and uniform is required for your own comfort.

#3  Change your route

Make your movement unpredictable to outsmart criminals.

Criminals are opportunistic and watchful of your patrol route. You can make it harder for them to plan their crimes by varying your routes so they do not become a routine or predictable.

#4 Be knowledgeable about emergency procedures

Security personnel are usually the first people on scene during an emergency.

It is important to learn basic emergency procedures to contain the incident while waiting for authorities. It can help improve response time and can save someone’s life.   This includes being aware of evacuation routes and your actions in the event of an emergency

First aid training and emergency response training are amongst the certifications that you need to obtain to qualify as a licensed security guard in Australia. A security training academy can provide coaching to help you pass the certification.

#5 Always carry your torch and a means of communication

Carry your gear for security. A good torch is a necessity at night and can sometimes be useful even during the day to peer into gloomy areas or spots in shadow.

Be aware though that the very big ‘Maglight’ torches could be viewed as a weapon in some states so check on the requirements

As well as your torch, you need to be able to communicate if you need to report any incident, observation or in the event of an emergency   Always check your radio and mobile phone is fully charged before you commence your shift

Final Word

Security services are needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation teaches us to take extra precautions to ensure personal safety and to provide an efficient service.

I want you to realise the importance of personal safety while rendering services to your client

If you want to provide top quality security services, you need to train yourself harder to acquire the essential skills.

Remember these:

  • Stay alert
  • Learn the basics.
  • Always carry your torch
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Do not be predictable.

There are more strategies to staying safe while doing your job as security officer and if you are serious about this profession, you need to learn most of it.